What is dragon naturally speaking?

Dragon Naturally speaking is a professional speech to text recognition software. which detect your voice from gadget and type on the screen.

Why people use naturally speaking?

The people who can not type properly on the mobile or computer they can use naturally speaking software.

How can we use naturally speaking?

Just simply install the software on the computer or gadget and activate the software online with the help of naturally speaking support team or contact with tech for the same.

What is the cost of naturally speaking?

ThIt cost $50 per user for one year accordingly, or you can choose it from the official website naturallyspeaking.com. because there are two plans like home user or professional user. So you have to choose it accordingly.

Services Provided by Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking offers a wide range of services, making it a versatile tool that caters to different user requirements. Let's explore some of the key services it provides:

Voice-to-Text Transcription: One of the primary functions of Dragon Naturally Speaking is converting spoken words into written text. Whether you're drafting documents, composing emails, or even updating your social media status, Dragon allows you to do it all by voice command. This service is a game-changer for those who want to boost their typing speed and accuracy.

Voice Commands for Navigation:Dragon Naturally Speaking is not limited to text input. You can also use it to navigate your computer, open applications, and perform various tasks without touching your keyboard or mouse. Simply speak the command, and Dragon will execute it for you.

Customization and Personalization: Dragon Naturally Speaking understands that every user is unique. It allows you to customize your voice profile, ensuring accurate recognition of your speech patterns and vocabulary. This personalization enhances the software's performance, making it a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.

Accessibility: Dragon Naturally Speaking is a boon for individuals with disabilities. It enables them to access and interact with digital devices, offering newfound independence and convenience. This inclusive feature demonstrates the software's commitment to improving the lives of its users.

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Can we use naturally speaking on all computers?

Yes, we can use it on

HP, Dell, Acer ,Asus, Lenovo, Gateway, Sony, Mac

Which operating system required for naturally speaking software?

We can use naturally speaking on windows 7,8,10, vista or xp and Mac OS too.

How can we contact naturally speaking?

We can contact with naturally speaking with phone support or email support.

Phone support: - just visit the naturallyspeaking.com and click on Help > Support > Chat now.

Once you have verified all the required information, after that you can directly connect with the naturally speaking tech expert by phone.

Naturally Speaking Email Support?

You can email to naturally speaking for support which is support@naturallyspeaking.com

How can we renew naturally speaking?

If you are existing customer and you want to renew it please follow the naturally speaking instructions.
1. Just visit the official website naturallyspeaking.com
2. Click on the subscriptions plan
3. Choose it according
4. After making the payments your naturally speaking software will be activated.

Is naturally speaking support on Saturday?

Naturally speaking tech expert available 24/7 So you can visit naturallyspeaking.com and get live chat expert on chat or get the naturally speaking support online.

How many data naturally speaking required?

Naturally speaking is a lite software which can we use on phone, tablet, computer or any other devices which can support voice to text. naturally speaking is the most reliable software among all the other software.

Which country naturally speaking support.

We can use naturally speaking all the English country user and support team also available for English user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked question and answer related to Dragon NaturallySpeaking

1. What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software developed by Nuance Communications. It allows users to control their computers and perform various tasks by speaking commands and dictating text.

2. How does Dragon NaturallySpeaking work?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking uses advanced speech recognition algorithms to transcribe spoken words into text. It relies on a user's voice profile and a vast vocabulary database to accurately convert speech to text.

3. What can I do with Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

You can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for a wide range of tasks, including dictating documents, composing emails, navigating your computer, controlling applications, and more, all using voice commands.

4. How do I train Dragon NaturallySpeaking to recognize my voice better?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking requires users to go through a voice training process where they read specific texts to help the software adapt to their unique voice patterns and pronunciation.

5. How accurate is Dragon NaturallySpeaking in recognizing speech?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is known for its high accuracy, especially when it's trained to a specific user's voice. The accuracy can improve over time as the software learns from your dictation patterns.

6. Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking available for Mac users?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Dragon NaturallySpeaking was primarily available for Windows. However, Nuance had a separate product called "Dragon for Mac" designed for Mac users. Be sure to check Nuance's official website for the latest information.


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